1. Are there several sizes? What is the fixing system?

All our wig models are adjustable at the neck by means of tightening hooks or by a velcro system.

No more worries of maintenance with the patented concept "Anti-slip" fixing of the hair by dermo-contact: comfort and safety of wearing your hair. No more glue or adhesives!

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2. What material are the wigs made of?

Most of our hair is made from Modacrylic Fiber NJ fiber. It is a synthetic fiber that is lighter than a hair, easy to maintain, and which retains its smooth or crimped appearance after washing. Other synthetic fibers such as Easy Brush or Euro Fiber offer the same characteristics but they can withstand heat.

Natural hair: The major asset of natural hair is above all the appearance and feel, which correspond to our hair. Finally, the color possibilities are endless. Its rarity explains its price and regular maintenance is necessary to keep beautiful hair, turn to a professional before any intervention.

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3. Installation and use advice

Thread this hair like a cap from the forehead to the nape of the neck. The legs at the height of the temples must be perfectly parallel. To position your wig perfectly at the frontal level, count four fingers starting from your eyebrows. Otherwise, we suggest you use Capi'M, an easy-to-use object for perfect aesthetics!

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If you have hair, the Anti-slip material should be positioned on the skin about 5mm from the front start of your hair (Anti-slip is not present on all the wigs sold on our site). These should be held back if they are long by one or two pins or a rubber band. If the hair does not seem to you sufficiently maintained, tightening hooks are adjusted on the nape of the neck. On first use, test different notches and choose the position that gives you the most comfort and reliability in the outfit.

The use of adhesive or glue is unnecessary and not recommended, with the patented "Non-slip" concept.


4. How do I style my wig?

Style the hair with the special anti-static brush and use a wide-tooth comb for the curls.

Do not comb her wet hair, wait until it is dry, shake it and then you can give it back its folds by brushing.

Never do a perm, brushing or straightening. Synthetic fiber is a memory fiber and any modification must be made by a specialist trained in maintenance.


5. What types of products can I use to maintain my wig?

We recommend that you use "special synthetic fiber" or "Natural hair" products, which you will find on our site in the Wig Care & Hair Supplements range or at all NJ hair institutes because the current products we use for our own hair are slippery. and do not penetrate the fiber.

If you need to use a fixer from time to time, we recommend the structuring lacquer range. Attention frequent use alters the hair!

Do not use any product to change the color of the hair, turn to a specialist who will provide you with advice and expertise.

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6. How is a wig maintained? Can I wash my wig?

Wash your hair once a week (if you wear it every day) with shampoo from the NJ cosmetic range. Rinse well with clean water. Always wash your hair or add hair in cold water. After washing, place your hairstyle, hairpiece on a terry towel and press lightly to remove excess water. Use regenerating milk after each wash.

Never style a wet wig!


7. Can a wig be exposed to the sun?

Protect your hair like your own when exposed to the sun for long periods of time, the color may fade. Do not open an oven from the front when wearing your hair: the heat damages the fiber.


8. What is the difference between a wig and a volumizer?

A volumizer is a density of hair that complements your own hair, either because it has diminished naturally or for health reasons when you have, for example, partial alopecia areata. The full or partial head volumizer can then be a solution to regain its aesthetic appearance.

We advise you to contact one of our partners specializing in replacement hair who will guide you in your choice.