baldness treatment

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We often hear about male baldness but it is rare to speak about hair loss for women. A lot of women are facing thinning and sometimes complete hair loss which can provoke a feeling of panic.

Nj can help you to choose among a large range of volumizing to meet all kind of needs :

> Our bases "hairnets" are implanted on cells. You can pass your hair through them.
> Our extensions can be mixed perfectly with your own hair.
> We have some synthetic or natural hair extensions with different styles, colors, length, with the aim to keep a good image of yourself.
> we are also able to make custom models, an unique model as you expected.

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Hair replacement for men

The hair replacement has been improved with significant technological advances. Now, you can adopt different styles, wash your hair under the shower, do some sports and enjoy your life.

Hair replacements,light and comfortable, can be fixed temporarily or permanently so as to look good at all times. Some specific hair care products will be offered during your meeting at our salons: different choices, different styles : synthetic hair or natural hair.

All our models have a very thin membrane, undetectable and suitable for demanding and active mens.

Take your appointment for a consultation with one of our specialist who can help you to choose the best suitable solution according to your lifestyle and your budget.

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